DELTA considers all aspects of skin health: The microbiome

Results are encouraging

A more holistic view to skincare has made pre-biotic, pro-biotic and symbiosis rather popular. The symbiotic relationship between human skin and the vast microorganisms colonizing it create a complex microbiome. A balanced microbiome is essential for good skin health with recent studies showing that changes in the skin microbiome are associated with dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, acne etc.

Subsequent advances in sequencing technology has made investigating the human skin microbiome practicable, allowing the ability to examine bacteria, fungi and DNA viruses in a single sample. Results from such studies have shown the vast diversity of microflora present on the skin, with microbial communities showing variation depending on their physiological location. Further studies substantiate the imperative systemic implications of the skin microbiome on keratinocytes and host immune networks.

The DELTA range facilitates a healthy skin microbiome by incorporating active ingredients that promote a healthy balanced microbiome at an acidic pH of 5.5. One such pro-biotic is Lactococcus ferment lysate which acts as a biosensor to actively promote improved epidermal growth. Skin quality and barrier function is improved with overall renewal processes enhanced. Such actives also play a role in maintaining the immunocompetence of the skin.

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