Rejulift™ Threads

What are Rejulift™ Threads and how do they work?

Rejulift™ Threads are sterile synthetic polymer sutures used in a technique known as thread lifting. Thread lifting is performed by a qualified practitioner & Rejulift™ Threads are designed to provide impermanent lift and volume to the facial structure.

Thread lifting can also be performed on other areas of the body, such as the bust. These threads are safely resorbed by the body.

Two types of Rejulift™ Threads are available: PDO and PLLA. The main difference between the two types is the biocompatible polymer used, each with a different degradation time. PDO (polydioxanone) threads have a 12-month absorption profile, whilst PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid) threads have an 18-month absorption profile.

Rejulift™ Threads are inserted into the subdermal tissue. One end of the thread is inserted into a needle, which is used to guide the insertion of the thread. Once inserted, the thread is gently pulled to anchor the thread and to create an instant lifting effect which lasts for months (up to 18 months).

Rejulift™ Threads induce the synthesis of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, causing a substantial volumizing effect. After implantation, the absorption of the thread is accompanied by collagen generation, improving firmness and structure in the areas of application, around the thread. This happens as a result of the inflammatory response induced by the insertion of the thread which, whilst biocompatible, is recognized as foreign matter and stimulates the production of dermal matrix components by fibroblasts.

Rejulift™ Threads also provide wound support for up to 50 days after insertion, delivering significant tensile strength and pliability, providing sustained comfort and a natural appearance.

The Rejulift Threads are designed to cause minimal discomfort during insertion, and only on occasion is local anaesthesia required. Sagging skin is effectively firmed and tightened, particularly with regards to nasolabial folds, marionette lines and crow’s feet.



Are Rejulift™ Threads safe?

All Rejulift™ Threads are provided sterile.

Degradation of the thread with time leads to safe breakdown products: CO2, H2O and lactic acid.

The majority of the lifting and volumizing action is as a result of collagen which is induced to form around the thread, unlike costly dermal fillers which do not offer this feature.

 Rigorous activity should be limited for the first 24 hours post-procedure and dental procedures should only be commenced 2 weeks after Rejulift™ Thread lifting.

 Rejulift™ Threads can safely be combined with other therapies such as PRP, Derma Roller and fillers, 7 days post-procedure.

 As with any aesthetic procedure, possible side effects should be discussed with the practitioner prior to the use of Rejulift™ Thread Lifting System (scar tissue formation, asymmetry, etc.). For a comprehensive list of precautions and post-procedural care recommendations, please refer to your medical practitioner or Rejulift™ specialist.

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