optiphi® Helix Health & Diet DNA Test

We all strive to become a better, healthier version of ourselves but often we need a little guidance on to what to change and how to do it. The Helix Health & Diet DNA Test can help you determine your nutritional and exercise needs, according to your unique genetic make-up, assisting you to enhance your overall wellbeing.

optiphi® Helix Health & Diet Reports

Identifies unique genetic markers which indicate your genetic predisposition to the metabolism of certain macro- and micronutrients. It also identifies any possible food sensitivities, food matablosim and responses; feeding behaviours and satiety. You are guided in terms of optimal diet and exercise intensity, recommendations you can share with your dietician or nutritionist to determine a detailed treatment plan.

These reports additionally recognize the individual genetic markers which indicate your possible predisposition to certain health risks, detoxification and stress; as well as genetic variations relating to injuries and recovery times.

The 5 main diet categories considered;

  1. Metabolism and fat sensitivity
  2. Carbohydrate responsiveness
  3. Glucose and insulin sensitivity
  4. Energy regulation and exercise response
  5. Food and nutrient responses      

 The 8 health risk categories considered:

  1. Oxidative stress
  2. Detoxification
  3. Insulin sensitivity
  4. Inflammation
  5. Bone health   
  6. Lipid metabolism
  7. Methylation
  8. Iron overload and blood clotting

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Helix Health & Diet DNA Test