optiphi® Helix DNA Tests

Having insight into your unique genetic code gives you the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Eventhough your DNA/genetics can't be changed, environental factors and lifestyle choices can contiribute to how you genes work or are expressed. These external factors can include: topical skin care, diet, supplements, exercise, medication and stress.

Therefore, based on your unique genetic profile, we can recommend a practical and actionable approach to improving your overall vitality; and so potentially help prevent or delay certain illnesses and health risks.

The process is non-invasive and so easy. A simple cheeck swab is all we need to extract your DNA and create an idividualised report breaking down your gentic markers. These reports offer you actionable interventions to improve your overall health and vitality. 

optiphi® Helix currently offer the following DNA Tests:

  1. Helix Skin DNA Test
  2. Helix Health & Diet DNA Test
  3. Helix Hormone DNA Test

Contact us at dnalab@optiphi.com to get in touch withour genetics team.


optiphi Helix DNA Test optiphi Helix Skin DNA Test